The North-South Paris Barcelona connection

The new highway

The highway A75 is the new major link, parallel to the Rhône Valley (A7), between the North and the South of Europe. With 26.000 vehicles per day on average, 9 millions per year, there are more than 18 Millions visitors per year at the Millau Viaduct (based on 2 passengers per vehicle on average). This free highway, is the shortest way from Paris to Barcelona. Now the Grands Causses and the Mediterranean sea are closer than ever. 

9 M vehicles/year •

1 H of the Mediteranean sea •

Free Highway •

The fastest way to the South •

18 Million passengers / year •


Comparing reported outlet centre footfall with passing motorway traffic, European Outlet Centres typically achieve a ratio between 15 to 25% of passing vehicles

Annual traffic


Daily traffic

Source : FSP Retail Business Consultants

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